About Us

Royal Sens has been making labels since 1896. With 4 locations in 3 countries, we have grown into a trusted name in the international packaging industry. Over 210 people work day in and day out on the more than 60 million wet-glue labels, sleeves and booklets that find their way to the customer every day from our production locations.

We produce high-quality labels. In cooperation with our customers, we ensure that our products can be processed smoothly on packaging machines for tin plate, glass and plastic. This results in products that have great consumer appeal once they hit the shelves.

We comply with the highest hygiene and quality requirements of the food and non-food industry.

A-customers and private labels

Royal Sens mainly supplies the food and beverage industry. Manufacturers of household products and the pharmaceutical industry also fill our order book. This includes (inter)national producers of A-brands but also private labels.

Premium service

All our clients receive the same premium service. Working together with the client to find the best possible solution is anchored in Royal Sens’ DNA. Our people think and develop together with the client. With our years of accumulated know-how, we are not afraid of any challenge.

Trends and new techniques

Standing still is going backwards. Royal Sens continues to innovate in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. We respond quickly to trends and invest in new technologies and our staff’s knowledge. In this way, we will remain an attractive long-term partner to our clients.


For Royal Sens, packaging, labels and tags are an essential part of an end product. Clear product information and strong branding are key success factors. By investing in our machinery, people, materials and partners and by continuing to innovate we can continue to support our clients in creating successful end products.

Royal Sens has an eye for the future and for society. Sustainable production and packaging are a must. We like to think along with our clients about these important themes.


A label and its packaging may seem a small part of an end product but they have a big impact. For more than 125 years Royal Sens has been committed to creating labels and packaging that allow producers to present their brands in the best possible way. With our experience and expertise we can combine high quality, service and reliability with production at the lowest possible cost.
We are proud to make an important contribution to the presentation of our customers’ end products.