Royal Sens operates Climate Neutral

Sustainable entrepreneurship has been on the rise in recent years and not without reason. We live in a world that faces an unprecedented challenge to keep the planet habitable and pleasant for the generations to come.

Royal Sens has been doing this in recent years by making its business operations more sustainable in many ways. At our production locations, we operate on green electricity and use geo-thermal heating and cooling. We are currently conducting research into installing up to 2500m2 of solar panels. For example, we are trying to reduce our dependence on fossil energy sources. In addition, we will gradually switch to LED lighting in order to further reduce consumption. And 99% of our industrial waste is reused.

Our raw materials for production have already undergone several sustainable changes. For example, 92% of our paper is FSC certified, an important hallmark that guarantees the use of sustainable forestry products. However, Royal Sens goes one step further by offering all its customers Premium Green, the in-house developed 100% Post-Consumer Waste recycled paper.

The inks that are used for the printing of the labels are all based on vegetable oil and part of a cradle-to-cradle production chain. This chain guarantees that the raw materials can be fully reused without losing their value.

We use groupage transport to transport our labels … This prevents unnecessary waste of loading space and fuels. Finally, we ensure that all our products are transported with Euro 6 trucks, which are equipped with a new generation of engines.

And now we are completely climate neutral!

Royal Sens has joined ClimatePartner and is now fully offsetting our remaining emissions by financing TUV certified projects.

In this way, Royal Sens supports the Forest Protection project in Tambopata, Peru, where 400 local families are committed to protecting and securing more than 300,000 hectares of forest for the future. This work also provides them with an income, and with this we also want to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, which try to combat global poverty and poor living conditions.

Royal Sens supports is Clean Oceans, Plastic Bank that operates worldwide. They motivate local communities with education and financial rewards to collect plastic waste before it makes its way to our oceans. This is necessary for marine life, but also for the important role of our oceans for the climate. The plastic is collected for recycling and then reused.

Not only is our focus on a habitable world increasing, many of your customers will also appreciate that your production partners make responsible choices for the environment. With Royal Sens as the producer of your labels, you are choosing a sustainable production chain, and that is rightfully a win-win situation for everyone!