Flexible packaging

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. This certainly applies to flexible packaging. Royal Sens produces flexible packaging for the food industry (made of plastic and paper). Think of foil packaging for biscuits or bars (flowpack), sachets or the wrappers for chocolate. By using EB drying on our Comexipers, it is perfectly possible to work with mono-materials.

Food safety

We have the experience and certificates (BRC Packaging Materials) to safely produce this packaging that is in direct contact with food. The choice of materials (plastic, paper and ink) is coordinated with the customer so that our flexible packaging meets the highest customer requirements for processability and shelf life. We supply the printed foil on rolls in the width required by the customer.


Flexible packaging offers the customer maximum presentation possibilities in printing and material. We are happy to work with you to increase the attention value of your product by applying flexible packaging.

Please contact our sales department for information on all the possibilities, without obligation.