Wet-glue paper labels

Royal Sens paper labels can be found on all kinds of everyday items. On a can of soup or baby food, a bottle of beer, a bottle of cleaning product, etc. Our offset printing presses can produce any paper label, if necessary with UV (ultraviolet) or EB (electron beam) ink. We supply the labels bundled and on a roll.


Besides the printing, the shape of the paper label can be distinctive. To make it fit exactly on the packaging or to increase the attention value. Our cutting machines ensure accurate dimensions of the labels, and with our punches we can make any desired shape or cut-out.

The labels are prepared for the adhesive that the customer wishes to apply. The most common adhesives are ‘wrap-around’, such as on a can or PET bottle, and ‘full’ adhesives, such as on a beer bottle or egg carton.


Royal Sens can give your paper label something extra. Foil and relief printing, for instance, give a label a luxurious look. For temporary promotions the back of the label can also be printed or a unique number can be added.

We can print in large and small runs. With our advanced track and trace system, we ensure that all the bundled labels we deliver in one outer packaging are of the same design.

Please contact our sales department for information on all the possibilities.