Wet-glue plastic labels

Royal Sens’ plastic labels are used for, among other things, soft drinks, canned food and baby food. The soft drinks industry generally works with wrap-around labels. But the plastic labels we produce using a combination of offset and flexo printing can also replace the printing on tin can packaging. We supply the plastic labels bundled and on a roll.


Can2Label is a smart alternative for the printing of tin can packaging. By replacing the tin can printing with a plastic label, producers can change their design faster. Can2Label is therefore very suitable for the production of smaller quantities, different product variants and special editions. Royal Sens customers have successfully switched to Can2Label, for instance for baby food and canned meat products.


Plastic labels offer many extra design possibilities. Royal Sens can use matt and gloss effects to give a label more attention value. Printing on transparent film also gives producers the opportunity to present more of the product itself, in combination with the label design.
For temporary promotional actions, the back of a plastic label can also be printed or a unique number can be added.

Please contact our sales department for information on all the possibilities, without obligation.