Shrink sleeves are already widely used in the (soft) drinks industry but in principle every bottle, flask or (glass) jar can undergo a true metamorphosis if it is encased in a printed plastic sleeve. Royal Sens produces high-quality shrink sleeves using a combination of offset and flexo printing. This can be done on various foils (white, transparent or specially processed). We do not only produce sleeves in large quantities. Our small runs make it possible to vary with product designs or on special issues.


Packaging comes in many shapes and sizes. Every shrink sleeve is therefore different in shape. To ensure that the print on the packaging is not distorted when the plastic film is processed by the customer, our prepress adjusts the artwork using specialised 3D software.


A sleeve can be an attractive alternative to a label. Curious about the effect of shrink sleeves on your product? We would be happy to show you with a digital 3D impression.

Our sales department will be happy to contact you about all possibilities. The technical support we provide can make the transition to sleeves a success.