Quality has a high priority at Royal Sens, we have been ISO certified for more than 30 years. We also comply with the BRC certificate for Packaging & Packaging materials to the highest standards and are certified to produce primary packaging. This system is tested multiple times per year to ensure we meet the required quality requirements.

See below for our certifications:

ISO 9001:2008

Our everyday ambition: delivering high quality labels that run smoothly and at high speed on your labelling lines. Every day we work hard to do it better, looking continuous for improvements in our processes and our procedures.

BRC Packaging and Packaging materials

Both our production sites are certified for the BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials standard. Both sites, Rotterdam and Enschede achieved the BRC Global Standard with an AA-status. Being certified for the high risk variant of food packaging means Royal Sens can also produce primary packaging materials.


As part of our corporate social responsibility we encourage our customers to use sustainable paper. By printing more than 50% of the labels on FSC® paper we encourage sustainable forest management. Since 2011 we have been audited annually by independent institutions for the certificates to be maintained.


In order to reduce the pollution of certain packaging types, a return system was introduced in Germany.

Since 2010, Royal Sens has been certified to print the logo of the German deposit system DPG (Deutsche Pfandsysteem) on your label or packaging. We treat this print work as security printing.

Do you want to receive a PDF file of one of our certificates? You can send a request to us via info@royalsens.com.