About us

Royal Sens, 4 sites in 3 countries. For more than 120 years we deliver high quality labels giving products strong shelf appeal. We are the specialist for wet glue labels and packaging materials.

With our 175 employees we produce more than 60 million wet glue labels, sleeves and booklets daily which are delivered to most countries in the EU. Our products can be easily applied on the different labelling systems for the filling lines of cans, jars and bottles.

From A-brands to private labels

Our main focus is on labels for pet and baby food, beverages, household products and pharmaceuticals. Our clients are national and multinational A-brand producers in the food and non-food sector. We manufacture labels for brand owners such as Abbott, Britvic, Coca Cola, Danone, Kraft Heinz, Mondelez and Unilever and private label producers like Coroos, Cott Beverages, Hochwald, Huhtamaki and Riha. Working closely with our clients, understanding their demands and wishes is what we do best. Developing, anticipating and problem solving; these abilities are embedded in our DNA.

Long term cooperation

We like complexity and easily adapt ourselves to new situations and developments. Changes in our industry like digital printing and new label techniques spark our interest. Our knowledge in different fields of specialisation means that our labels can be applied without problems. We believe the labelling process is an integral process where we see our clients as partners and work closely together with different stakeholders like the suppliers of glue, labelling machines, inks and substrates.

Our investments in education and equipment are done on a structural basis. We are always looking for new products and new production technologies to ensure we respond quickly to market changes.

Our state of the art production site is a great place to work at and with; ambitious, dedicated, reliable- and quality conscious partners. These values are at the forefront of our minds and are our daily mantra for doing the things we do. All at a fair quality, service and price level.