Our values

Royal Sens is more than willing to help you. Whether it involves many different designs, short delivery times, last minute changes or new projects. This is our daily work, this is what we like, and what we do best.

Our passion for our job means that our services stretch further than the production and delivery of labels. After the final product is delivered we keep in touch and offer you our assistance and advice. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. Our problems are solved when they are solved at our customer, no matter where this is.


We see ourselves as the partners of our customers, we stand with them. Sometimes in front, sometimes behind, but always with them on the journey. Together we can come up with the best solutions for you, we keep our promises and do what we say we do. We find good personal contact essential, therefore each customer has their own contact who “will fight like a tiger” for them. You can reach Royal Sens 24/7, if needed.

Quality has a high priority

Quality is our top priority. In terms of runnability on your labelling machines and in terms of appearance. Our knowledge and experience means that labels can be reproduced with the same high quality time and again. We work closely with our suppliers and can therefore respond quickly to customer demands or market developments. Through innovation, we continuously deliver quality, even when it comes to ad hoc delivery challenges. We understand that our customers are engaged in the fast moving consumer goods industry. We are used to this high pressure, short turnaround, fast changing environment; for example temporary promotions. It brings out the best in us.

Guarantee of continuity

The guarantee of quality and the guarantee of delivery. We have secured our contingency with our two production sites, one in Rotterdam and one in Enschede. Both sites have identical machinery, offset printing and automated finishing and are therefore fully interchangeable. If we have a problem at one location, then we can immediately continue production at the other location. We never stand still.