Responsibility in the foodchain

Food safety is more and more important in our business as a supplier for food producing companies. Themes like migration and mineral oils and taking responsibility are today’s hot topics.


Royal Sens takes responsibility in the matter of food safety. Since 2011 we meet the BRC-IoP standard. To gain the certificate for the first time a cultural change within our organization was needed; in our factory it was quite normal to have a snack or a drink while working at the machines, also personal belongings were kept in the workplace. Since we are certified for the BRC guidelines this is now a thing of the past and a positive side effect is an even cleaner and safer work environment.


For more then 5 years the rules for producing packaging that meet the food safety standard is part of our daily business. It is the new standard. For us it is no surprise that we have successfully achieved the new norm, version 5 of the BRC Packaging and Packaging materials standard. Both our production sites are certified with the AA status.

Obtaining the highest level of the certificate is not the end of the road for us. Creating a safer product and production environment is always at the forefront of our minds. We train and develop all our employees on this subject. We share the responsibility together to produce a safe product.

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A nice side effect of the culture change is the even cleaner environment.

Sonja Jansen Qualty Manager, Royal Sens