Innovative ideas for Kraft Heinz

Predicting the future, that’s of course what we all want. We frequently receive questions from our customers about how they can upgrade their labels to the next level and what are the trends of the future in the field of labelling and packaging.

Such questions fit us perfectly. We keep ourselves updated with the developments in our industry and are continuously looking what the trends are in the market. We put our creative minds together and come up with surprising ideas.  For one of our customers, Kraft Heinz, we have developed some ideas that gave them a glimpse of the future, we have created several custom made models for them, some of these were:

The green label

Like us, Kraft Heinz uses as many raw materials as possible that are produced in a responsible manner. We have produced a green label which was printed in offset with durable inks on paper made from agricultural waste such as stems and leaves from corn or sugar cane.

A label with a personal note

We already have many techniques at our disposal to upgrade labels, like embossing, foil or pre-punched shapes for example. For Kraft Heinz we have experimented with blackboard ink on a label. As an end-user you can leave your personal message on the label like “Please buy another bottle plus bread and milk”, “Nearly empty!” or “Enjoy your dinner!” or a smiley face for instance.

A real transformation

Kraft Heinz uses almost no sleeves for their products. The majority of their products have a label. Sleeves can be a nice alternative for some of their products. We have shown with several mockups what a sleeve can do instead of a printed can or a paper label on a glass jar. By playing with the transparency and the gloss of the plastic, this gave a surprising effect.

The label of the future

A ketchup bottle that can communicate with your mobile phone. Maybe this sounds far-fetched, but we have proven that this is already possible. For Kraft Heinz we have developed an app that responds when your mobile is near the ketchup bottle. The label has a tag that triggers the app. For this purpose the interactive labels are mainly for fun. But an interactive label can also have functional possibilities, for instance for security and track & trace purposes.


At an internal fair at Kraft Heinz, where marketing and R&D managers from Kraft Heinz Europe were present, our innovative ideas were presented. The reactions to our mock-ups and samples were very positive.

Do you have you such a question for us? Do you want to know what is possible with your labels in the future? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Jael Loermans, Kraft Heinz:

"Translation of consumer insights to packaging concepts is of great importance. By sharing this with our suppliers such as Royal Sens, we are able to come up with innovative proposals as input for our NPD process. "

By sharing the translation of consumer insights to packaging concepts with our suppliers such as Royal Sens, we are able to come up with innovative proposals as input for our NPD process.

Jael Loermans Kraft Heinz