Manufacturer helped to a higher output

We like to help our customers and offer them our expertise. Whether it is about the design of a label or for example what improvements can be made by the customer to extract more value from their production.

More efficiency and less losses

Recently, our team of specialists helped a manufacturer of an A-brand cleaning product with increasing the efficiency of their production line. The question was “How can the effectiveness of two production lines be increased?” and “How can the number of errors on the production line be reduced?” This plant produces two different sized bottles using a wraparound paper label from Royal Sens.

From line audit to laboratory research

The first step was to carry out a line audit at the customer’s factory. This brought to light that:

  • There are a lot of products with low labelling quality; 
  • There are problems with flatness of the labels;
  • There are many rejections on the product line;
  • The humidity in the factory is very high.

We acted immediately on these points and did further research on the specified paper that was used. Laboratory testing showed for example that with the circumstances of the production conditions it was better to use paper with a higher tolerance for moisture.

In consultation with our customer, we have tested different types of customized paper. Based on the test results the choice was made for a new type of paper. Furthermore, in collaboration with our suppliers we have optimized the properties of the ink and the glue which was used.

The results of the efforts were impressive. The efficiency has increased on both production lines and the number of production failures has decreased significantly.

The climate conditions play an important role in proper processing of labels.

Richard Versteeg Packaging Specialist, Royal Sens