Surprising ideas through our brainstorming sessions

Royal Sens organizes brainstorming sessions. As well as supplying you with labels or providing technical support and advice, brainstorm sessions are a welcome addition to our services. The purpose of these sessions is to get together with our client and encourage new ideas.

The subjects and goals of a brainstorm session can vary depending on the customer’s wishes. It can be about solving a problem by taking an ‘’outside the box’’ view with people from different specialties. Or we can think about how your product can gain more attention on the shelves.

How does it work?

But how does such a brainstorming session work? Experience shows that in an environment away from the usual workplace, there is more room for thoughts to run free. Creative and/or differing ideas come easily. Therefore we always look for a remote location for these sessions that suit the subject or client.

Different specialisations

The brainstorm group consists of participants from the customer and from Royal Sens. In order to create a group as diverse possible, we ask people from different specializations to join the session. Everybody has their input and therefore every aspect of the subject is covered. The main purpose of a session is to gain inspiration and facilitate new ideas.

Time to brainstorm

After a short introduction to each other and an explanation about the purpose of the session it is time to brainstorm! In short sessions ideas are generated with different approaches, this leads to a long list of ideas and with different techniques we group the ideas into themes. We do this by comparing the ideas and pros and cons against each other and formulate the initial conditions. The next step is that we work out the themes into more concrete ideas or solutions.

Visualization of ideas

During the day enthusiastic and creative artists will translate the ideas and concepts into drawings. This way at the end of the day, you have a visualization of your ideas. This can be a starting point for further development within your company.


We have already organized successful brainstorming sessions for Huhtamaki, Hartmann and Hak. Are you interested in a brainstorm session? Please contact us.

Karin van Noort, Purchaser Hak:

 “It was certainly a useful but also a fun day at a fantastic location. Compliments for the good preparations and a good mix of Royal Sens people. The drawings of our “bubbling” ideas were a hit. I've been to several brainstorming sessions before, but this one really stands out. Thanks again for this session.”

I've been to several brainstorming sessions before, but this one really stands out.

Karin van Noort Purchaser, Hak