Sustainability at Royal Sens

Sustainability is part of Royal Sens’ company policy. We are always looking for the most sustainable solution in all aspects of our processes. But this must be with the condition that the efforts do not have a negative impact on the specifications of the finished product.

Every investment we make must be a good balance between the ecological benefits and technical product features. A good example is our cooling system in our printing department in Rotterdam. We capture the heat of the summer and reuse it in the winter. Also 40% of our company runs on green electricity.

Sustainable suppliers

It is important to us that our suppliers are also sustainable. Before we go into business with them, we subject them to risk assessment analysis where the company’s culture and processes are examined. For example we check if companies won’t use child labor or that their processes do not cause extreme environmental pollution. We also check if the origin of the raw materials used for the production of substrates is sustainable.

If we expect this from our suppliers, we must also take our responsibility. We restrict ourselves to minimise the use of chemicals, our inks are based on vegetable oils and we encourage our clients to use FSC® paper and the paper and plastic waste from our process is collected for recycling. Finally, we try to reduce the number of transport kilometers by the use of grouped transportation.

Carbon Footprint

Each year we calculate the carbon footprint of our organization. We take our responsibility and we invest in changes to reduce our footprint. Are we doing well according the Carbon Footprint? Overall we do well, but we always see opportunities for continuous improvement.

In every investment we make there must be a right balance between the ecological and the product technical specifications.

Jan Geitenbeek CEO, Royal Sens