With today's challenges, we all realise more than ever that we need to be careful with our fragile earth. Citizens and companies try to identify and take on their responsibilities in this; Royal Sens does that too, and therefore tries to organise the supply chain to which it belongs as sustainably as possible. Not just by researching technological developments of the future, but also by looking at what is already possible. That is why we are proud and pleased to offer our customers the choice to choose Premium Green®, our new label paper.

Premium Green® is 100% recycled paper. The big advantage of this is that it guarantees a "closed-loop" production process.

Across the board from production to use, 100% recycled paper reduces CO2 emissions, reducing waste water and energy.

As always we are meticulous in our research to ensure that Premium Green® also meets the highest quality requirements for our customers. We are therefore satisfied that no compromises have been made with regard to both the properties of the material and the processing. Finally, all our customers who want to be part of our green cycle can inform their own customers about this with confidence, backed up by authoritative accreditations.

Royal Sens Premium Green® has certificates such as FSC® recycled, Der Blaue Engel and ISEGA.

For customers who enter into this green partnership with us, we predict that they will experience many benefits from it. The future is green, the future is Premium Green®!