Royal Sens produces a wide range of wet-glue labels, wrap around labels and sleeves for various packaging such as cans, jars and glass or plastic bottles.

We produce your labels in the best available quality and deliver them in reels or stacks. Reel-fed and cut & stack wet-glue labels can be ordered in paper or plastic; we are the innovators!

Our labels are suitable for all common labelling systems which are used in the food, pet food and beverage industries. Our fully optimised workflow, from placing orders through to delivery makes the production of our labels efficient, irrespective of the amount of labels.

We also produce booklets, leaflets, cardboard boxes and flexible packaging at our sites. For primary packaging that will be in direct contact with food, we are BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials Standard accredited for high risk.

Choose the right materials

Our team of specialists can help you to choose the right materials for your product; we can advise which substrate has the best technical capabilities for your production environment. We choose the most suitable inks and varnishes for your labelling lines and equally important, give your product the desired quality and appearance.


Our computerised manufacturing management system makes it possible to trace each batch, from the production line on which it has been produced through to the raw materials used.

Upgrading your label

We have lots of ideas to upgrade your label for a promotion or special edition. You can check out the possibilities here on our website. But do you want something else, something different? Together we can brainstorm about the scenarios and possibilities. Or, we can surprise you with our innovative ideas.

Contact Us

If you need labels or packaging in a hurry, no problem; at Royal Sens the communication lines are short and responsive. Do you want to know more about our approach or possibilities? Don’t hesitate to contact us!