Are you thinking about a promotion for your product? Royal Sens can offer you different possibilities to upgrade your label or packaging.

Some of our examples:

Unique number

On the front and back side of your label we can print a unique number or a QR-code. This is possible for both paper and plastic.

Reverse side printing

If you want to add extra information about your product a 2 side printed label is ideal for this. A reverse side print can be combined with a unique number.


Turn your labels into a coupon by using a perforation. If the reverse side of the label is printed, the use of a perforation makes it easy for the consumer to release the label from the packaging.

Scratch off foil

Scratching with a coin to see if you have won a prize! By using special scratch-off foils and a unique number, you can turn your label into an interactive experience.

Foil and embossing

To give your label a luxury touch you can use foil and embossing. Gold and silver are frequently used foils but there are many more options possible e.g. different colours or holographic


Same designs with endless variations? We take care of it for you.


With a peel-off coating the label can be easily removed from a glass bottle or jar. This can be used if you want to print on the reverse of the label, especially useful in the case of patch labels.

Double label

Do you need more information on your label? Then a double label is an option. Four sides of the label can be printed.

Pre punching

We can punch out various shapes which can be used decoratively, but also functionally like the holes in labels for egg box lids.


More information?

Are you thinking about a promotion? We are happy to explore the possibilities with you. Please contact us and lay down the challenge!

Translating ideas or designs into a technical solution that meets the wishes of the various stakeholders is what we do best.

Liesbeth van Alphen Salesmanager, Royal Sens