Royal Sens produces high quality shrink sleeves in both small and large quantities. Curious about the effect of shrink sleeves on your packaging?

We can show you how it will look with a 3D animation. Royal Sens produces shrink sleeves for your drinks containers and glass jars, these sleeves can totally transform your container’s appearance. We can print your shrink sleeves on several types of film; white, transparent or holographic for example. For printing sleeves we use a hybrid technique using both flexo and offset. The best of both worlds. 

No distortion

The shape of the container or bottle determines the appearance of the sleeve. Naturally we take this into account, by adapting the artwork no distortion is visible on the final product. Our specialists can advise you how print effects can be used in your design.

Small and large amounts

We have engineered our factory and processes in such a way that we can produce both small and large orders for you. Even if you have many different designs or want to produce something special, you've come to the right place.

3D impression

A sleeve is a good alternative for a label. We realise that the transition to a different type of label has a great impact on your labelling process. With mock-ups or 3D animation we can show you up front what the added value of a sleeve is. Please contact us for more information.

Sleeves give you the opportunity to give your product a complete new look.

Ralf Barten Sales Manager, Royal Sens