Wet-glue paper labels

You can find our wet-glue paper labels in your supermarket on soup cans, beer bottles, sauces, pet food, cleaning products, baby food and egg cartons.

Our paper wet-glue labels are printed in offset and can be square or shaped. Depending on your type of labelling machine we will supply your wet-glue paper labels in stacks or reels.

Cut & Stack labels

Our paper Cut & Stack labels are mainly used for wrap around purposes on cans and bottles (PET and glass), whilst our paper labels on reels are used for mainly wrap around PET bottles and chocolate wraps.

Die-cut labels

The third possibility in paper are die-cut labels for patch or wraparound. We will punch your labels to the desired shape, like an oval or circle for instance and add windows within the label with waste removal or a square label with rounded corners. Die-cut labels are mainly used in patch applications for bottles of sauce, beer bottles, chocolate bars and egg cartons. Royal Sens is the market leader in Europe for die-cut labels for egg packaging.


Additional options for your design

Our paper labels are ideal to add extra decoration like embossing or foil for example. Certain graphic effects can give your label a luxurious look, or you can transform the label into a temporary action-label by printing the reverse side and add a unique number to it for promotions and special offers. If you want to know what is possible with your labels, we can show you.

Our processes are structured to handle many variations of design without compromising efficient production. You can easily switch designs every production run. Ideal for small editions, special series, or when there are many varieties. We have developed our own track and trace system for cut & stack labels and a vision based system for die-cut labels. In this way we maximize that the labels in a bundle or pack are the same and each bundle or pack has a unique identification sticker.

Brigl and Bergmeister is a longterm supplier to Royal Sens.The open communication between the two companies and the permanent innovations at Royal Sens help us to stay up to date with our product and services too.

Peter K. ńĆechal Brigl & Bergmeister